Stabilization Service

We do offer a rough ore stabilizing service but with limitations. Improved color and hardness of the material are the benefits. Acrylic polymers such as those used to produce eyeglass lenses and clear acrylic sheets are our proprietary chemicals of choice to impregnate and stabilize porous ores like turquoise and chrysocolla.

We require a minimum of 30 lbs. and reserve the right to evaluate and return the material if we deem that it will not stabilize well. Due to natural or chemical variations in material received, we cannot guarantee the final outcome of the processed material. Having stated that, we do have vast experience and have stabilized over 350 tons of turquoise rough with an excellent outcome.

Upon receiving material, it is weighed, photographed and a work order is created. The processing time averages 6-8 weeks but could be more or less depending on the size and density of the rough. The invoicing fee is for the final weight after stabilizing and weighed on our “legal for trade” weighing scales.

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